Caring Instructions

Glassware – Caring Instructions

The correct handling and care of glassware will enhance the appearance and longevity of the product in use. The following is a guide to care for your Crystal Stemware, basic Tips to avoid breakage are:

  • Do not put cutlery into glasses
  • Never pick up glasses in clusters
  • Do not put cold liquids into hot glasses straight from the dishwasher as this can cause cracks
  • Do not stack glasses
  • Never wash Lead Crystal in dishwasher – hand wash only. The extreme heat could cause it to crack and also it can cause the crystal to dull over time. It is best to wash in lukewarm soapy water and left to dry, then polished with a dry cloth/ glasscleaner for shine.
  • For Glassware that is Dishwasher Safe: Do not overcrowd your dishwasher so that glassware is banging against other items. If your dishwasher comes with a stemware rack, utilize it. Remove glassware after the final rinse cycle. If left in during the dry cycle, soap reside in the steam will redeposit on the glasses.

Chandeliers – Caring Instructions

Tipperary Crystal Chandeliers are made from leaded crystal drops that are finely cut to allow the light dance from the crystals.

When cleaning it is best to use soapy water and a cloth, gently wiping down each section of the chandelier to remove dust.

Crystal Candleholders – Caring Instructions

Your Tipperary Crystal Candleholders will remain preserved with the correct care.

Warning: Do not allow the candle to burn too close to the crystal. All of our crystal candleholders carry a warning label outlined that the candle should not be allowed to burn within 1 inch of the crystal.

Cutlery – Caring Instructions

There are a number of corrosive substances that will damage cutlery if care is not taken to prevent it. These are salt, acids such as vinegar and lemon juice, mineral salts which are present in tap water, bleach, harsh detergents, fats and meat juices. Direct heat can also mark metal.

The main threats to stainless steel cutlery during washing are ineffective rinsing and drying. Rinsing should completely remove all remnants of food and of the washing aid being used.

If you follow the recommendations below your cutlery should give years of service and will continue to look good.

  • Wash Cutlery in hot, soapy water as soon as possible after use
  • Quickly rinse with hot water, wipe dry with a clean cloth immediately
  • Never leave dirty cutlery to soak and never leave cutlery damp
  • Never wash Stainless Steel with Silverplating Cutlery as it will result in corrosion
  • Ensure your Stainless Steel does not come in contact with your ceramic in the dishwasher as it will case marking and damage to the ceramic.

Ceramic – Caring Instructions

Tipperary Crystal Ceramic is made from Bone China and gives the ceramic a clean white finish. The product is dishwasher safe and in most cases Microwave safe.

With Dishwashers please ensure to use an approved detergent recommended by the manufacturer and stack the crockery separately from other articles such as cutlery, saucepan or glass. Over washing in extreme temperatures may cause the glaze to dull and the design to fade.

The following guide will ensure that your Tipperary Crystal Ceramics and crockery is looked after properly and will last longer:

  • Don’t scrape off leftovers – wipe off with a paper towel or a plastic scraper
  • Metal utensils can cause metal marking
  • Wash the articles as soon as possible after use
  • It is advisable to wash crockery separate to cutlery
  • Never use an abrasive cleaner or pot scourer as this will damage the glaze as well as any decorations on the item.

Candles – Caring Instructions

Since the launch of its first candle collection 5 years ago, the Tipperary Crystal range of Candleware has evolved to become a real consumer favourite.

The following guide will ensure that your Tipperary Crystal Candles will burn safely and last longer:

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Keep the candle free of matches and other flammable materials.
  • Trim wick to 1/4″ (5mm) prior to lighting. If candle smokes extinguish and trim wick.
  • Burn only on a stable heat resistant surface. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not burn candle in a draft. Do not touch or move candle while burning, or if wax is hot.
  • Allow the Candle to burn long enough to ensure the wax melts to the edges of the tumbler.
  • For best results burn candle for 4 hours at one time.
  • Candles should be burned away from other sources of heat i.e. Television sets/ direct sunlight
  • Ensure candles are placed at least 4 inches (10cm) apart.

Jewellery – Caring Instructions

As Tipperary Crystal Jewellery features a delicate understated style, you should always clean the piece with great care. Wearing jewellery regularly can cause a build up of natural oils from your skin. Simply polish with a cotton cloth to help maintain the original lustre.

Avoid the use of any abrasive materials to clean your Tipperary Crystal jewellery as this will cause scratching and damage the surface.

Storing Jewellery

It is advisable to store your Tipperary Crystal Jewellery in its original packaging. Each piece should be stored separately to avoid any scratching or tangling.

Wearing Jewellery

  • Care should always be taken when removing jewellery to stop it catching on clothing.
  • Jewellery should be put on last and taken off first when dressing.
  • Ensure your jewellery does not come in contact with perfumes and soaps as these will damage the anti-tarnish layer.
  • Be careful not to knock the jewellery against any hard objects as this may cause scratches or chips in the piece.
  • Do not allow your jewellery to come into contact with water containing chlorine or bleach.

Watches – Caring Instructions

We would advise you to clean your watch regularly using a soft cloth. Keep your watch in the original packaging. Do not leave it anywhere where it might be subjected to major variations in temperature or humidity, in the sunlight or near magnetic fields. Water-resistant for daily life.

Do not operate when the crown is wet. Always set the crown in the original position. It may be difficult to pull the crown out due to dirt and dust getting caught between the crown and the case when the watch is worn for long periods of time. To prevent this occasionally turn the crown freely back and forward. Battery life is approximately 2 years.


Your Tipperary Crystal watch is warranted for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty. During the warranty period, the watch movement will be repaired or replaced by presenting the valid warranty certificate. You will have the right to have any defect repaired free of charge. This warranty does not include the watchcase, bracelet, crystal or battery. Nor does it cover damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, dirt, water or tampering.